Feature Exhibit – Central West Beef Week

Breeders throughout the Central West have exhibited stud and commercial cattle since the foundation of Central West Beef Week in 1977

2019 is the relaunch of Central West Beef, with the exhibition being in one location and accompanied by a school and industry seminar program. The event will be the feature exhibit at this years Australia National Field Days in Orange 24th -26th October.
The new format will present an expansive array of cattle breeds and breeding operations on display for industry and public inspection.

The exhibition of cattle will be accompanied by a dedicated Schools program and industry presentations that will current and relevant information to both exhibitors and visiting members of the beef industry and the interested public.

Information presented by recognised industry professionals will be structured across the 3 days of the event. Attendees will be able to seek comment/advice relevant to their specific needs by directly engaging with the presenters.

Topics will include but not be limited to; current and future markets, animal health and nutrition, animal selection, genetics, marketing and branding.

Rebooting Central West Beef as the feature exhibit of the 2019 Australian National Field Days brings significant attention to the cattle industry in the Central West and specifically the breeds and breeders exhibiting.

The opportunity for industry participants and allied businesses to focus their attention on cattle breeds, breeding operations and current information in one place over three days ensures that time can be invested efficiently and effectively which is incredibly important given the high demands on time that we all face.

The 2019 exhibition of Central West Beef and breeders will be a premium industry event that provides beneficial connections for breeders and industry participants.

One destination
An expansive exhibit of cattle breeds and breeders
A great educational support program