Racing & Diving Pigs – the best in live entertainment for everyone.

This year the Australian National Field Days are bringing you the best live action they can, with special guest MTV Racing and Diving Pigs performing throughout the field days.

Get ready to be in awe as you watch these pigs take the stage and race or dive to the finish line.

“Audiences can expect to see some very competitive racing between our girls. We have two racing teams, short distance and long distance. These girls are truly competitive, and you will get to see them push, shove, and cut each other off to get to the front!

“One of the biggest highlights of the show is our world-famous diving pigs. That’s right, we have the only true diving pigs in the world! The reason that we have the only true diving pigs is that we do not force our girls to do anything, they do it all by themselves, this is a major part of our training, and why we are so popular and respected by all the major Royal Shows in Australia.

“We have two very special superstars who perform this spectacular feat, and you can even check us out in the Guinness book of records as we hold the official record for the longest dive by a pig,” said Manger, Sharleen Vandeleur.

Pig racing is quite an interesting sport and Sharleen says it is actually a tradition in some countries and it is now becoming a tradition in Australia.

“Michael brought the concept of pig racing back to Australia after working in the United States for five years before 1995. Pig racing has long been a tradition there, with large b-double trucks travelling from coast to coast.

“We are the longest running professional pig racing on the market in Australia today. It is an all-female racing and diving team. Our production has performed at every major royal show in Australia since 1995 and countless smaller regional shows and field days throughout Australia. We now have 3rd and 4th generation families coming to see our show,” said Sharleen.

You can’t help but to be a bit curious about the show and here’s what Sharleen says is the biggest thrill of it all.

“I love seeing how competitive these girls can get out on the race track, especially as we get to know their individual personalities, yes, pig’s really do have individual personalities just like us humans. As a behavioural psychologist I find it fascinating getting to know them individually and I just love it when my girls dive beautifully, and when that special racing pig that you have that soft spot for comes across the line in first place, it’s just like watching your child run at sports day,” laughed Sharleen.

Be sure to be at this years Australian National Field Days from October 25-27 to see the Racing and Diving Pigs perform ay 10.30am, 1pm and 3pm in M Street.