2018 Event Overview

Overview Story ANFD

This year the Australian National Field Days (ANFD) celebrate their 67th year and is shaping up to be another great event.

With this year being a particularly dry year, Administration Manager at the ANFD, Jayne West says they have adapted to the changes and you can expect a few new things this year.

“I guess the site will be a bit dryer and browner to what you are used to, however exhibitor numbers are really good and there is still a good line up of machinery and stock equipment even in dry times.

“There are always new things but this year being the drought there will be a big focus around the drought in the livestock area, then we have created the health hub which will be where farmers can actually go in there and get skin checks, eye testing, blood pressure and all those sorts of health checks that farmers haven’t had a chance to do,” said Jayne.

Chairman of the ANFD, Dan Toohey, says you can certainly look forward to a new and improved Field Day this year.

“Every Field Day is different and that is what we try to do. We try to encourage people to bring different products, bring upgraded technology, new machines and we try to put on different events that we think will attract more people. We want to be progressive, entertaining and we want people to also learn,” said Dan.

There will be lots on offer this year with some great entertainment, a feature exhibit and new and improved sites.

“We will be having live entertainment at the bar again this year. We will also be having the Racing Pigs which will be so much fun and big draw card for people.

“The DPI are our feature exhibit this year which will be great as sometimes it can be a bit daunting about how to get funding. I think this is the ideal place where you can go as they will have staff on the ground that you can talk to. So, don’t self-assess, come and talk to these guys and let them look at your circumstances, then they can point you in the right direction.

“We have a full E street again with all of your clothing, gardening, furniture, wine and food and more. Then another new thing this year is that we have a Food Hub. This is an area that we have set up with tables and chairs, there will be seating for a couple of hundred people. Then outside around it we have put all different food vendors. It will be a social area and a big meeting place for people,” said Jayne.
The ANFD year after year provides a place for farmers and locals to come and see what’s on offer, but more so an opportunity to come have a good yarn.
Dan says, “The Field Days are really important for the rural community because it gives people a chance to catch up and there is all of this information with an opportunity for people to get involved, upgrade or enhance their current knowledge. There are very few opportunities where you can have access to that technology and knowledge. They also have the opportunity to ask what they have always wondered about”.
Jayne added, “I think a big part of it other than the technology and agricultural information is the social side of it. This year it is a place for them to come, talk to other farmers who are going through the same circumstances and talk about what they are doing on their place and look at the strategies. I am really trying to promote that we know you are busy feeding but come and get away for the day, have a break and meet up with people who are going through the same conditions. That social side and their wellbeing is a big part this year”.

Another thing to look forward to about this year’s event is the new competitions and the Education Centre.

“We have the New Inventor’s Competition. Farmers are obviously very resilient, and they are good back yard tinkers when times get tough. This is an opportunity for them to show off what they have been inventing. This year we will also be having a new photo competition.

“The education centre will be doing the history of wheat this year. They will have plant competitions, a Q&A on ‘Just a Farmer’s Wife’ and they have Sue Maslen who is a well-known film producer who did the film the Dressmaker and Goodbye Girls. So, she will be here showing the film and answering questions about that,” said Jayne.

As always there is lots more on at the Australian National Field Day and you will have to come check it out for yourself. The event is held on Thursday 25, Friday 26, and Saturday 27 October.