This information is essential for all exhibitors and staff attending the ANFD.

DISPLAY SETUP: No Exhibitor or Vehicle Passes are required prior to Thursday, 24 October. Access to the site is available from Wednesday, 16 October. Displays must be set up by 6.00pm Wednesday, 23rd October.

ACCESS TO SITE: Exhibitor access onto site is from 6am, Thursday, 24 October and from 7am, Friday, 25 & Saturday, 26 October. No Exhibitors are to leave or pack up before 5pm Saturday!

VEHICLES: For the safety of visitors to the ANFD we need to limit vehicle access to the site during the event. One Vehicle Pass is supplied to each site booking except the Trevor Elliott Exhibitors.

Vehicle access with a vehicle pass to the site during the event is only allowed before 8.30am Thursday, Friday and Saturday and after 5pm on all three days.

Vehicle Passes must be displayed on the windscreen at all times, vehicles must be parked within your site boundary and not driven contrary to hours indicated.

All other vehicles can be parked in the exhibitor (Red) car park at no charge, adjacent to the main entrance of the site.

Banking Services

Exhibitors should be aware that there are no banking services on site, however all major banks can be found within the Orange Central Business District. ATM and credit card facilities are available for visitors at ANFD Office at site J1

Cranes and Forklifts

Forklifts are available at no charge from Friday 18th October to Monday, 4th November. Cranes will also be available from Orange and maybe charged to the exhibitor. Mobile tagging on site at Exhibitors cost.


Most outdoor sites have 240v power available and there are a limited number of 415v (3 phase) outlets. The cost for electricity is included in the site fee. Exhibitors are responsible for reticulation within their site and all exposed leads must have a current Inspection Certificate. All leads must be tagged. Mobile tagging on site.


Exhibitors must have Public Liability Insurance of a minimum of 10 million dollars to attend ANFD. Details of this insurance must be noted on the Ground Space Contract. Public Liability must be forwarded to the Office before setup.


Please note broadband connection cannot be guaranteed at the site.


Registered breeders of commercial rural livestock and breed societies are invited to display livestock. Livestock must be accompanied by an NVD Statement and must comply with ANFD Livestock Exhibit Conditions.

Sheep can be hired from ANFD for use in demonstrating sheep handling equipment etc. ANFD is the sole supplier of sheep and they can be hired at $3.00/sheep/day. ANFD can not provide panels unless otherwise stated.

Exhibitors Passes

  • Each booking includes four exhibitor passes. (General Interest exhibitors receive two passes only).
  • Exhibitor passes allow pedestrian access to ANFD site.
  • Extra passes are available at $18ea.
  • Free exhibitor parking is available in the red carpark during ANFD.
  • Vehicles are allowed on the site only if displaying a Vehicle Pass.
  • Site Bookings include a Vehicle Pass (except Trevor Elliott Pavilion exhibitors).
  • Vehicles must be parked within the exhibitor’s site boundary.
  • Passes must be displayed on the vehicle whilst it is on ANFD site.
  • For the safety of ANFD visitors, vehicle movements are only allowed before 10am on Thursday, before 8.30am on Friday and Saturday, and after 5pm on all three days.

Power and Water Lines

  • Extensive underground power and water lines exist throughout the site.
  • Please seek permission before digging or driving posts into the ground.
  • Any damage to these lines will be repaired at exhibitor’s cost.

Site Safety

  • Please ensure all displays and demonstrations are carried out in a safe manner.
  • ANFD committee and representatives of Work Cover NSW will monitor all displays and exhibitors are asked to comply with the requirements of these officials regarding the safety of their displays and demonstrations.
  • All exhibitors must submit a Site Safety Plan.

ANFD Security

ANFD employs licensed security guards from 5pm Monday, 21 October until 8am on Tuesday 29 October 2023.

No Camping available on site

Site Preferences

You may request a particular site/s and if not retained by another exhibitor we will attempt to meet your request.

Site Sharing or 'Piggy Backing'

  • Exhibitors are not allowed to share their site with another exhibitor without the written permission of ANFD Committee.
  • Such permission will not be given unless ANFD Committee is satisfied there exists a genuine agent or distributor association between the parties concerned.
  • ANFD Committee reserves the right to refuse exhibition space or charge at least the minimum site rental if it considers there is a breach of this policy.

Australian National Field Days

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